Custom Packing Tape

Using custom packing tape not only secures your packages, but it elevates your brand.

Think how your customers will view your brand by receiving their packages covered in high quality custom printed tape printed with your logo and text.  You’ve spent all this time and energy creating the perfect product, make sure it stands out by using our quality logo packaging tape.



So where do you start? Use custom printed tape to make your product packaging look like a finely wrapped gift.

But hold up, is custom printed packing tape a big deal? And if it is, how can you get it right? Read on for all you need to know about custom shipping tape.

Importance of Custom Packing Tape and Packaging

Everyone knows the famous saying, “don’t judge a book by its cover.” But in reality, when it comes to packaging designs, customers are judging before they even open the box. Why?

People see the packaging, including the tape, as a reflection of the product within. So if the packaging is less than stellar, they’re going to have low expectations for the product. In fact, according to research, it takes less than 30 seconds to impress a person.

Take the time to get it right. If you do, you can use your packaging and tape designs to:

  • Advertise your brand

  • Target your audience

  • Stand out from the masses

  • Reflect the essence of the product

Don’t leave the designs as an afterthought. Make it a priority. Read on to find out how to nail custom printed shipping tape.

How to Nail Custom Tape

So now you understand the importance of branded packaging tape, how can you get it right? Follow these tips below.

1. Start with Branding

The number one rule for branded packaging tape is to stick to your brand. And if you haven’t decided on your brand yet, you shouldn’t be purchasing tape anyway!

From your logo to your website to the product packaging to the tape. Your brand should be a running theme throughout your company. In fact, research shows that your branding truly affects whether customers come back or not.

This not only advertises your company, but it gives a cohesive professional look. Your tape may look so good, you may not have to buy any other fancy packaging. Keep the rest of the packaging neutral and let the tape do the talking.

2. With Custom Tape – Size Is Right

When designing custom printed tape, you’ll have a few sizes to choose from. You’ll have to choose the width and length of the tape.  You’ll also want to determine if you want paper tape or poly tape.

Remember, you don’t have to design the entire length of the tape. Create a design that you can repeat again and again over the length of the tape.

It all depends on the size of your packages and the complexity of your design. But keep it simple. A minimalist approach always looks more professional.

3. Choosing Colors

Most custom tape companies will give you three options to choose from:

  1. One Color Tape one-color-poly-tape

    (background either clear or white with one color for the text and graphic)

  2. Two Color Tape two-color-custom-printed-tape

    (background either clear or white with two colors for the text and graphic)

  3. Three Color Tape three-color-printed-packaging-tape

    (background either clear or white with three colors for the text and graphic)





But when it comes to ink colors, it can’t be random. Remember to stick to your brand. If your brand is minimalist with neutral colors, a white background may be a good choice. But if your brand is full of bright colors, take advantage of the entire tape by printing full-color ink colors right to the edge.

4. Experiment with Artwork

Again, artwork all depends on the brand. You may decide just to use your logo or your brand name. But if you want to add an extra image to the design, browse stock artwork to find something matching.

When designing, feel free to resize the elements and change the positioning. You can also change the color and opacity of the artwork. Keep playing around with the design until you create an aesthetically pleasing layout.  Getting your packaging tape custom printed is valuable for your brand.

5. Adding Text

Your custom packaging tape may need text also. This may just be your company name, your logo, or your company’s motto. Text is also needed if you’re making a specialized tape. For example, tape for fragile packages.

Don’t forget to make sure the size of the text is big enough so that it’s clearly seen when printed. As with the artwork, make sure your text matches your branding. There’s nothing worse than a mismatch of styles.

6. Make Sure It’s Practical

Whatever you do, make sure your custom printed tape actually works! If you choose a company that’s super cheap, your package might not get to the destination safely.

This means it needs to be strong, durable, tamper-resistant, and waterproof. If your packages are large and heavy, using narrow tape may not cut it. Try something wider instead.

7. The Final Result

Once your tape design is complete and you’ve chosen your options, what’s next? Make sure to follow any “tape art requirements” your chosen company may expect.

For instance, you may need to upload in a certain format. They may also expect the image to be a certain resolution. This is so your final design is high-quality.

8. Picking Your Order Quantity

Once your final design’s uploaded and ready to go, you need to decide how many tape rolls you need. You could start with one roll to test it out. Or you can order a bunch so that you can get to work—it really is up to you.

Remember for most companies, the more custom printed rolls you buy at once, the more you get for your dollar.

Time to Get Packing!

Now that you’ve got your custom packing tape ready, what’s next? Time to get packing!

Your well-designed, made in the United States, packaging will really make your customer orders stand out. And your customers will love it so much, they’ll keep coming back again and again.  We’ll make sure the packing tape custom printed for your product is beautiful and affordable.

So, what are you waiting for? Upload your packing tape design today and watch your designs come to life!